Welcome to Downtown Jewish Life!

Downtown Jewish Life

March 29, 2018

One of the most important Jewish values is hachnasat orchim, the practice of welcoming visitors.

In that tradition of welcoming visitors, we are proud to welcome you to Downtown Jewish Life: our community that is full of energy, focused on Jewish values, and open to all.

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A collective of more than 30 Jewish organizations located in lower Manhattan, Downtown Jewish Life aims to reinvent the way New Yorkers connect with our city, our neighbors, and our shared values. With so many ways to engage in Jewish life, this community is what you make of it.

Here, you will find:

  • Our partners: Partner organizations in Downtown Jewish Life — synagogues, cultural centers, and museums —  Life are as diverse as the neighborhoods of New York. Get to know our partners and explore what they have to offer as a part of this vibrant community.
  • Events: Every week, you can find events of all kinds hosted by our partners, from family Shabbat to Jewish singles socials, from Torah study to tikkun olam opportunities. Curate your own Downtown Jewish Life experience using our calendar of events.
  • A sense of community: We strive to be a communal space online as much as we are a neighborhood space in downtown Manhattan. Our blog will be a way for members like you to connect, learn, and explore.
  • Engaging Judaism: Through our partnerships, events, online presence, and — most importantly — participation from you, we will bring to life values that shape our downtown Jewish community — as well as the global Jewish and secular communities in which we live.

Whether you’re a shul regular, seeking to reconnect with your faith, or exploring Jewish culture for the first time — Downtown Jewish Life welcomes you.


Here, however you believe, you belong.